With over 10 years of personal and professional fitness experience, Joe has been pursuing his passion of helping others achieve their fitness goals for quite some time. His love for health and fitness began as a teenager wanting to improve his physique in order to build more self confidence. As Joe started to improve and refine his own physique through meticulous hours of training and learning about the benefits of proper nutrition, others started to take notice and began requesting his assistance in helping them do the same. This in turn lead to Joe pursuing his personal training certification and thus started his journey of helping others achieve their personal fitness goals.


He began as a trainer working in various personal training studios and corporate gyms throughout NYC gaining valuable experience on the nuances of the fitness industry and the best ways to help others craft their ideal selves. He believes through positive thinking, smart training and careful attention to proper nutrition any fitness goal is attainable.



Certified Personal Trainer

NPC Classic Physique Competitor

WNBF Pro Bodybuilder


Weight Loss

Muscle Building

Mobility & Stretching

Nutritional Guidance

Circuit Training & Conditioning