Josh has been transforming lives in NYC for the past 5 years. As a professional singer/actor in the city, fitness fell into his lap when he was given a role where he had to go from 25% bodyfat down to 10% in 7 weeks. He quickly fell in love with fitness and the overall benefits that he had been missing out on for many years. After getting his certification from NASM, Josh trained clients 1 on 1 and online as well as coaching HIIT and functional fitness classes in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Most importantly, Josh genuinely cares about each and every clients well being. He has seen how Fitness truly inspires people to change their body and their lifestyle. The true connection is wanting to change and figuring out what steps are needed to get there. Anyone can workout, but not everyone has the discipline to reach their goal. That’s what Josh wants to help you with! 




Personal trainer at gyms in NYC 

Head coach for functional fitness 

Fitness coach for HIIT classes 

Online programming 



Functional Fitness 



Weight loss 


Lifting form and technique 

Wellness and behavior coach