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Personal Trainer/Fitness Specialist for 15+ years, Panos has always been passionate about fitness. From day one he's been hungry to learn more and can't wait to apply that knowledge in real life. His professionalism, knowledge and passion make him a great candidate for pretty much anything health and fitness related; ranging from weight loss to physical rehabilitation and post injury therapy.

His experience; 

Former soccer player for a second division team in EU.

2-year military experience.

1-year BJJ trainee.

1-year Junior Basketball Team Assistant Coach.

15+ years 1-1 Personal Training experience with people aging from 10-65 years old.

3 years Personal Training Manager for gyms in NYC.


-Strength Training

-Weight Loss


-Sport Specific Training (Explosiveness, Agility, Endurance)



-Corrective Exercise

-Cupping Therapy

-Pre/Post Injury Rehabilitation

-Physical Rehabilitation (Posture, Muscle Imbalances, Flexibility)

His way of operating is setting a plan on how to reach your goals, based on your body, lifestyle and current fitness condition. During the whole process, he educates you about each and every step you take and makes sure all your questions and concerns regarding exercise, nutrition, supplementation e.t.c, are answered.

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