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Hidden Sugar! Read Ingredients!

am here to remind you READ THE LABELS when you grocery shop! There are so many "healthy" snacks and foods that are loaded with hidden sugars and are killing your diet.

I encourage you to not only read how many grams of sugar in your foods, but read the INGREDIENT list. Most of the things below should never ever have sugar in the ingredient list.

This is short and to the point, but PLEASE watch out for the sugar content in the below. I use these almost everyday!

1 - Nut Butters!!! Peanut Butter and Almond Butter, even the organic kind, are LOADED with corn syrup and sugars. Trader Joe's has the best and most budget friendly CLEAN nut butters!


3- Yogurt - even tho 99% of clean eating cuts out dairy, if you're dying and need a snack, yogurt won't kill you. Look out for the sugars in those bad boys!

4-Apple Sauce. There are lots of natural sugars in apple sauce, and there is NO need to have any extra sugar in the ingredients.

5. Tomato Sauce

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