Working Out during Isolation

Finding the motivation to workout can be a challenge when everything is going right in the world....and even harder when things are, well, shit.

Gyms have closed. Running groups have stopped. We really shouldn't be leaving the house unless it is absolutely necessary. So your workout has to be confined to your living room or bedroom aka your new home office aka the local coffee spot aka the new temporary normal.

The sofa is there. The snacks are there. Netflix......

But with weeks of isolation and restricted movement on the horizon, is it vital that we stay active to keep our bodies and minds healthy.

You do not need fancy equipment or a lot of space to get a great full body workout. All you need is the motivation to push yourself. We know you have it in you!!

We are here to give you some simple workout motivational tips!!

1. Make a Schedule

Schedule one or two times during the day that are dedicated to moving and exercise, and stick to your schedule. These don't always have to be an hour long workout, these can be 20 or 30 minute time slots. It can be hard to fit it an extended period of time when you have the pets, work, kids, the spouse that has become your co-worker. Do not get hard on yourself that your regular fitness regimen and motivation has dwindled or changed.

Scheduling a set time during the day that is dedicated to exercise, you are more likely to stick to it and you will have more purpose in these otherwise ambiguous days.

2. Find a Live Virtual Community

Join a community online with live virtual sessions. It is important to remain physically distant but remain socially engaged. In these groups you can converse with like minded people, get motivated to work towards your goals, and keep you accountable.

Join a live community so you can talk to people in real time! Ask for modifications for exercises, have someone push yourself to do that extra rep!

If you have that live virtual workout buddy or trainer, you are less likely to cancel on them and cancel on yourself.

3. Play Some Music!

Put on some fun music while you're working out or put on your headphones. Do what you have to do to get yourself in the zone! Music is an automatic mood booster. Play some upbeat, fast pace music to get your mind ready to push yourself.

4. Get Dressed

We know working from home is like a full time excuse to never wear pants. Just like putting in your headphones, putting on your workout gear will automatically change your mood and get you in the zone to workout.

Do it first thing in the morning! If youre working from home, no one will know and then you're less likely to skip your scheduled workout - even if its just for a little bit.

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